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Thank you for visiting my podcast page. As time goes on it's possible there may be multiple podcasts, but for now there is just one.

If you are experience with podcasts, you've read enough of this page already. :-) If you are not experienced with podcasts I suggest reading about it on some web sites. I may provide some links in the side bar of this page in the future. In the mean time...

iTunes Music & Podcast Jukebox

I have used a number of programs to subscribe to podcasts over the years, and each program has various strengths and weaknesses. In my opinion, the application I find the most helpful in finding, subscribing to, and so forth is Apple's FREE iTunes. I highly recommend it.

Click and Find

If you click this link and if you have iTunes on your computer, it should open up and show you this podcast in that section of iTunes.

Some Technical Details

I am using the MPEG4 file format for these podcasts. The MPEG4 format (for both video and audio) is a publicly documented standard and many companies have written compatible software that can let you do all sorts of things with the related file formats (mp4, m4v, m4p, m4a, and so forth).

The standard is not owned by any one company. Everyone benefits from having openly documented standards.

This is part of why I use and recommend installing the iTunes software to play back these files if you try to watch and listen to them, but can't.

There are many other reasons I chose MPEG4, but I'm not going to write them all now. :-)

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