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Mission: Glorify God, especially through music.

Welcome! is a website devoted to God, music, and short educational articles to help you worship God; but mostly music. Music I’ve written, and want to play for you, and with you.

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I apologize for leaving the page stating I would be updating soon online so long. Since I haven't been able to update this website yet, I brought it back online. But I hope to update this website soon.

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Please note I will probably not be able to update the timeline software I used in the article Interactive Time Line of Interesting Events so now is the time to check it out.

I Love it When it Rains and the Sun is Shining Out

"I Love it When it Rains and the Sun is Shining Out" is a song of joy and thanks to God about God's wonderful creation.

I started it back in the middle 1990's as I sat on my apartment's porch and saw it raining, but was not sure where the clouds were. The porch had a big overhang, so my view was blocked, but the lyrics were on my lips.

Prophecy, Time, and Fractals


Overview of the Mandelbrot set fractal. Many people have heard the saying "history repeats itself." And many people have pronounced variations on it.

In my mind I think of time, and prophecy, as similar to fractals. If you don't know what a fractal is, I encourage you to do a bit more reading outside this article (Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, PBS). I am not going to give a thorough explanation of what fractals are. However, in general fractals are sets of numbers. Not all fractals look alike. And like images of the planets, moons, our sun, and more, they are often given colors which make it easier to distinguish various characteristics, but those colors do not actually exist in our narrow visual spectrum; you may have heard this referred to as "false colors."

Variations on a Theme in Pictures

Probably the easiest way for me to show what I am talking about is with pictures. To bring up another saying people use, "a picture is worth a thousand words."

Interactive Time Line of Interesting Events


Prophecy in the News web site thumbnail. Due to reporting by Prophecy in the News about some research done by Pastor Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries I decided to make use of some amazing Open Source projects.

There is a curious confluence of events. Some might say "signs in the heavens." [] A number of celestial events are occurring on, or near, various Hebrew festivals, celebrations, and cycles in the current and upcoming years. I am not an expert in that, but provide links so you can read more. I have assembled their information on to an interactive graphical timeline.

As is often the case, we get more accomplished by standing on the shoulders of giants, a form of teamwork, a form of constructivism. Besides the folks mentioned above, I am thankful to these generous people and projects that have shared their talents and work, which allowed me to so quickly assemble information in amazing ways: Open Source Unix-Like Operating Systems, php, mySQL, phpMyAdmin, Drupal, timeline module maintainers, and the SIMILE project.

Time Line Quick Links Events on a Scale of Years Over Decades | Events on a Scale of Months Over Decades

Cares of the World, The Missing Verse

You may be wondering where the missing verse from the song, "Cares of the World" went to. (Check out the lyrics and a sound bite.)

Since it has some relevance to the current state of politics, and the current season (in the United States), I include it here for your enjoyment.

Politicians taking bribes from big companies.
Falling down down in front of them on their knees.
Helping them consolidate monopolies.
Who can we trust? Tell me please.

For the most part, I took it out to shorten the song to be around 3 minutes. Some people may not like it because it doesn't sound "Bible thumping" enough. In return I'd say take another look at the "Old Testament" prophets. This "missing" verse is no where near as scathing as they are. It's also not as scathing as Jesus, [Matthew 23, for example].

Also, in case you are wondering, I wrote the lyrics in 2005. 2005-10-15 to be specific. The "who can we trust?" should be an obvious allusion to Jesus [Isaiah 9:6, Daniel 7:14, 26-27], I wasn't anticipating the election in a few years. Specifically this year, 2008.

Cares of the World

I published a portion of this song as a podcast, see the "Related Pages" section below. This is what I wrote to go along with the podcast:

"Cares of the World" is a song about friendship.

It's a song about how love lifts up, not knocks down. The cares of this world knock us around, down, and choke us with their increasingly thorny problems.

Yeshua (Jesus) points this out in a parable, and sayings, found in these passages:

[Luke 8:1-18, emphasis on 14, 15]
[Luke 21:28-38, emphasis on 34]
[Mark 4:1-32 emphasis 14-20]
[Matthew 13:1-23 emphasis 18-23]
[Ezekiel 2:6]

We need to see where our seed is being sewn, sew it in fertile soil, and some other things you can read about in the above references. :-)

Psalms 15 Compared

In case you are not sure of what's in Psalm 15... I have included a few versions below: King James Version, NET Bible Version, New International Version, the Darby Translation, and the World English Bible.

(I have put Psalm 15 to music, based on the King James Version.)

Who wrote Psalm 15?

It's attributed to David. As in "King David," father of Solomon. (Solomon was the King famous for writing so much of Proverbs, being the richest King in their history, and being so depressed in his book, “Ecclesiastes.”)

What is Psalm 15 about?

Psalm 15 is a means to share with others, through song, what pleases God. Like every good teacher (with all due deference to Luke 18:18 & Matthew 23:10), David begins by asking a question.

Questions are great to begin with because you are asking your audience to think, or to get ready to think. You are helping them prepare a place in their minds for holding information, giving them some sense of what to attach the new information to, similar to how one builds.

First, David asks God (rhetorically perhaps) what can someone do in order to be a welcomed guest, an adopted child of the Almighty.

After asking the question, David sets about answering it. I don't know when David wrote Psalm 15 with regard to the ages of his children. But I can easily imagine that just like kids sing alphabet songs today in order to learn the alphabet, David (and others) sang this song (and others) to their children, teaching them in a song, in a few lines, in a few minutes, a nice summary of how to seek the praise of God.

Something they could sing to themselves as they went about their daily lives, something that offers easy-to-understand advice for being an individual, as well as fitting in with society.

Your Version of Psalm 15 Seems Different. Why?

There are a few reasons.

First the artistic reason. I had to make minor modifications in order to make the song fit the musical structure I was inspired to write.

Another reason I changed it is scriptural. Jesus came and gave us updated advice on the treatment of mean people, and people who do us wrong. Check out Matthew 5:38 and 5:43, where Yeshua (Jesus) quotes from the Old Testament law on how to 1) carry out judgement/punishment on others and 2) who to hate. Yeshua's updated advice finds its way in to the 7th line of my version, "He doesn’t like mean men, but tries to be nice to them anyway." See Matthew 5:39-42 and Matthew 5:44-48 for the specifics attributed to Yeshua with regard to the treatment of people acting mean.

So while one may not have total control over one's feelings towards mean, vile, depraved, contemptible reprobates, we can do our best to repay their evil with Our Father's Good. This is what Jesus advised often, so it deserves placement in my updated version of Psalm 15.

One of the last reasons why it deviates from, perhaps, your favorite version, is a "legal" reason. Namely copyright issues. I can't take someone else's version that's under copyright protection, and use it verbatim. Unless I go to lengths to obtain permission and climb over other unforeseen issues. The King James Version (and some others) are in the "public domain," which means no one owns the copyright for that version and anyone can do anything one wants with it.

Does This Mean Your Version is in the Public Domain?

No. My version of Psalm 15 is based on the KJV version. If I had used the Psalm 15 words EXACTLY as they are in the KJV, then the lyrics only would still be in the public domain, my music would still be under my copyright. However, since I re-wrote Psalm 15, both the lyrics and the music are copyrighted by me.

For Your Reading Pleasure, "Original Psalm 15"

Below are five different versions of Psalm 15 so you can compare them to each other as well as the version I wrote. Enjoy!

Psalm 15

This version of Psalm 15 is for people who like some rhythmic flair in their worship.

You Can Help!

I am getting ready to move. BUT... I am not yet sure where I am going to. Jesus says it is this way for those born of The Spirit. [John 3:8]

So now is your chance to talk me in to moving to where you are! :-) Has God shown you a void that needs to be filled? Has God been moving you to prepare a place? Maybe it's for me.

Psalm 108 Sings

(my modified, non-copyright-infringing, version)

I am ready, willing, and able God! I want to sing and play music for you.

Do not weep or sleep, my guitar! Let us wake with the bright morning star.

I will praise you before everyone, O LORD, online and to their faces, all of the races.

Great is your love and faithfulness.

So if you have a place, a tip, an idea, or want to talk, feel free to send it to me through the Contact page. God has given me a few things to do before I am completely packed up, but that day approaches...

Thank you, Drew.

Simple as 1-4-5

I wrote this song 4 days after my 42nd birthday, which fell on Shavuot II this year. I think this song is mostly finished, but I've been polishing it a bit. It's a fun song, not too slow, not too fast, appropriate for worship in, I believe, most settings.

Statement of Faith

I grew up in the United Methodist Church and we often recited the "Apostles' Creed".

Take Up Your Cross

This song must have been ready to be born. There were hardly any labor pains, and the delivery was quick.

Add to Culture. Add to Society.

I wrote this as a rap song in 1992. It was one act of a talent show I organized.

Expanding Your Notions - Worship

How can a person help others? By expanding their notions of what they can be, what they can do, helping them believe in God, in doing good.

What is Life?

Ask most Christians this question, "What is Life?" and you'll probably get some answers that are roughly similar: worship God, glorify God, follow the Golden Rule, treat our neighbors as ourselves, do good on earth, help humanity, spread the good news, encourage repentance, etc...

I believe that, as long as the person is sincere, searching for the meaning of life, leads them to God.

Waiting in the Park

I'm sitting on the edge of a park, playing guitar. I wrote this song in Birmingham, Alabama, while I sat on the edge of a park; :-) Caldwell Park, to be specific.

Yup, that's me in the photograph, sitting on a wall next to the stairs that lead down to the park.

And if you look carefully enough, you can see evidence of my favorite sport: a frisbee, black, 165 grams. (Click the photograph to see a bigger version.)

The Tools of Trade

This is a song that God would have a loving older brother, sister, friend, kind stranger, or parent sing to someone younger. "Here is how you learn and grow, start with these simple words, these tools of trade."

Words, questions, thinking, and our minds are the real tools of trade, not hammers or money.

Jesus Was a Baby, Joseph's Song

This song is about 1 minute long.

I Love God, an Anthem

I Love God, is an anthem. It has a rousing feel since some of the lines go up a whole octave.

You. Here. Now. (I Want You To Be Here And To Be Near Me)

This song is, and always has been, a reference to John 14:1-4. :-)

I recently renamed it “You. Here. Now.” to make it easier for people to read the title. I noticed some people had trouble reading the title, so I made it easier to read. :-) However, I really like the old title, so it’s the sub-title.

Cares of the World

From the iTunes feed:

This clip from "Cares of the World" is about 2 minutes long, encompassing the last verse and the ending harmonies.

For the most part it can be comforting to think of this song as sung by Yeshua to his believers, friends, servants... you!

"Cares of the World" is a song about friendship.

It's a song about how love lifts up, not knocks down. The cares of this world knock us around, down, and choke us with their increasingly thorny problems.

Yeshua (Jesus) points this out in a parable, and sayings, found in these passages:

[Luke 8:1-18, emphasis on 14, 15]
[Luke 21:28-38, emphasis on 34]
[Mark 4:1-32 emphasis 14-20]
[Matthew 13:1-23 emphasis 18-23]

We need to see where our seed is being sewn, sew it in fertile soil, and some other things you can read about in the above references. :-)

I started writing this song in 2005, it came together fairly quickly, and is mostly done.

Blessed Are You (and Sustain)

From the iTunes feed:

A rough cut from a piece I started not too long ago. Even though it's very early in the development process, it doesn't sound too bad. The text is written by me, based on various interpretations from David's Psalms.

Even though the "song" is very short, this is an excerpt, making it even shorter. :-)

There are many references to a variation on the title phrase in the Old and New Testaments. How many can you find? :-)

Just last night I thought up two more lines, which effectively doubled the length of the song! (Although I have yet to record it.)

Stay tuned!



When did you become a Christian? Why? Where? What has God done for you? What have you done for God?

These questions are on many people's minds when you share with them the fact you believe in God. When answering in person, I have the advantage of being able to ask questions back, so I can try to address the specifics of who I am talking to, and not talk down to them or talk beneath them, but try to communicate with them on harmonious wavelengths. Writing for the Internet makes that a bit difficult since the potential audience is so vast in terms of age and experience.

If you are like me, you feel like you could talk for days about the great things God has done in your life, the lessons you've learned easily and the ones that were difficult.

The Sneetches and Other Stories

Below is a book review I wrote on another web site about this great book by Dr. Seuss. I am posting it here, unmodified until I can get some time to fix it up. - Drew

The Sneetches and Other Stories

This book is so good I used one of the stories and wrote a short musical around it. I, and a few elementary school students, presented it during a talent show I organized.

The main story is about beings called Sneetches.

Sneetches with stars on their bellies consider themselves superior to Sneetches without stars on their bellies. But guess what?! Someone invents the ability to add stars to bellies, so then EVERYONE can have stars on their bellies.

This makes the elitism the Star Bellied Sneetches feel...fade they decided the NEW style will be to NOT have stars on one's belly...check out the chaos that ensues and the guy who profits from their craziness.

As usual, typical great Dr. Seuss rhymes, word play, and better-to-learn-it-from-someone-else-than-by-myself-the-hard-way lessons.

Still More!

Another memorable story from this book regards the North-Going Zax and the South-Going Zax.

Both walking in a straight line, not taking a step to the left or right, but only forward....until they meet each other. Both immensely proud of not having ever swerved from their walk.

What happens when they meet and find themselves in each other's way?

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